Gamma 40Hz Light and Sound Stimulation Device
Gamma 40Hz Light and Sound Stimulation Device

Gamma 40Hz Light and Sound Stimulation Device

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   Coupled Audio-Visual Sensory Stimulation(C.A.S.S.). Using headphones and LED glasses, light and sound are transmitted simultaneously to stimulate and enhance Gamma brain rhythms at a 40Hz frequency for a duration of 1 hour. 40Hz light and sound has been shown to stimulate areas of the frontal cortex involved in higher cognitive function.


   Opaque glasses are used to block out extraneous light and two white 55 degree LED's provide light stimulation using a square wave with a duty cycle ratio of 50/50, which has been shown to more strongly entrain brain rhythms through the frequency following response.

  The light is reflected onto a screen which flickers at 40Hz.  The LED's provide light stimulation that has been shown to activate areas of the frontal cortex and it is thought that there may be a synergistic effect of combining this light spectrum with the 40Hz flicker stimulation. 

Research Articles:

Cool White LED with peak spectrum of 460-465nm/Blue enriched light:

Exposure to Blue Light Increases Subsequent Functional Activation of the Prefrontal Cortex During Performance of a Working Memory Task

Average Lux:    125

Max Lux:          250

Sound is delivered through on ear headphones with an in-line volume adjust and non-tangle cord.

The circuit is housed in a white high-impact ABS rectangular plastic box. The box is powered by one 9 volt battery.  It has one 5.2x2.1mm DC jack for the glasses and a 3.5mm port for the headphones.  It is operated by a single switch, which when turned on will give timed audio visual stimulation for one hour.  Every 15 minutes there is a 1 second pause to give the user a sense of time elapsed during a session.  A battery indicator is present and will alert of low-power when a new battery is required.

The devices are calibrated to 40hz with a minimum accuracy of 99%  over a period of one hour.

*No claim is made regarding this device to treat or diagnose any illness.

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